Preventing Your Rabbit From Over Heating

Preventing Your Rabbit From Over Heating

A common problem in rabbits is them being susceptible to getting heat stroke. It doesn’t take too much for your rabbit to get a little overheated. Here are some signs that your rabbit is getting a bit too hot and some ways to prevent it in the first place:

If you see that your rabbit is exhibiting signs of having red ears, panting, drooling, moving slowly and/or is confused, you should consult your veterinarian immediately to see if it’s heatstroke. You should never just put your rabbit in cold water and think that you’re going to resolve the problem that way. Cold water could cause your rabbit to go into shock and make the problem worse.

If you do feel like your rabbit is heating up too much, fill a clean spray bottle with cool water and lightly spray his ears down with it once. Just a few other things to help your rabbit get cooler include getting them out of direct sunlight, grooming them to get rid of excess fur, a fan in the room that does not blow directly on them and plenty of cool water in its bottle.

Preventative measures should always be taken to stop your rabbit from over-heating in the first place. As mentioned, if you see the severe symptoms, make sure your vet knows what’s happening so he may be able to help.