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  • UPC: 041693444429
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Pack
Selected by leading working dog trainers and mushers: - Four-time Iditarod winner Martin Buser; fueled the fastest Iditarod team ever (2002).

  • UPC: 041693249338
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Pack
3 highly concentrated sources of protein from meat and fish meals - Chicken, Pork and Anchovy & Sardine Meals - build muscle and provides collagen for healthy joints.

  • UPC: 041693239292
Proven to help control the structural growth for that critical period from weaning to 18 months. (See Pet Health for more) Ours is the only brand test-fed on eight litters of Great Dane puppies (1990).

  • UPC: 041693239230
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Pack
No soy is used. Soy is known to cause digestive issues. Oatmeal, rice and corn are used as quality carbohydrates.

  • UPC: 041693199152
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Pack
Reduced calories and our balanced and healthy level of protein, fat and carbohydrates will do just that, in a healthy and controlled way.