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Lotus Wholesome Kitten Recipe

Lotus Wholesome Kitten Recipe

  • Manufacturer: Lotus Pet Foods

There’s a lot going on inside your new little friend. Millions of new cells are being created every day. Brain, eye, heart, bones, and digestive tract cells… pretty important stuff. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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Lotus Wholesome Kitten Food Recipe not only has high-quality chicken, chicken livers and clams, it has those natural cell protectors-antioxidants, from whole fruits and veggies. And this wholesome dry kitten food also features salmon oil and New Zealand green mussel, two excellent sources of DHA, a building block of brain cells. These smaller, baked kibbles are wholesome, complete nutrition that’ll help your tiny friend grow into an adorable, healthy cat. Go ahead. You can say it. Aaaaw.