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It takes a great deal of equipment to properly care for your livestock, whether you have just a few animals for a small urban hobby farm or you operate a large commercial farm with tremendous flocks and herds. The right supplies, however, can make the work much easier and more convenient, helping you give your livestock the very best care. From barn equipment to pasture supplies to everything you may need for your livestock, we have you covered and more.

Let us help you find just the right livestock supplies, including…

  • Mallard Creek Shavings
    • Triple screen, classic shavings, mini flake, pine stable pellets, wood stove pellets, easy peezy, eco flake, rice hulls, poultry bedding, muck buster, comfort blend 
  • Farm Fencing 
    • Deer & rabbit, non-climb, chicken wire, Aviary netting 
  • Priefert pannels & Gates -All different sizes and weights 
  • Cattle Pannels 
  • Cattle Shutes 
    • S04, S0191, S01 
  • Round Pens 
  • Hay 
    • Straw, alfalfa, 3 way, Rye, Grass hay 
  • T-posts/Lodge poles 
    • t-post - 6 ft - 7 ft - 8 ft 
    • lodge poles - 4" x 8' -5" x 8' 
  • Muck boots