Kortney Robison

Staff are helpful, knowledgable and have supplies for all types of animals- from lizards to livestock. This is a locally owned business that has been around for decades because they are good at what they do.

Karen Hamera

Covers about everything. Get live mice for our snake, chicks and chicken feed for our backyard layers, dog and cat supplies galore. Just like a country feed store but in town.

Robert Timm

Great old school ranch supply. The kids always want to go, the staff is helpful and they have lots of things you can't find anywhere else.

Tapestry Six

Get our chicken feed there, bought our chicks from them too this was 3 years ago and they are happy and healthy.  Love the selection and they have the bigger bags for meal worms that pet stores do not carry.  But they have all the supplies if you are raising chickens in the backyard and both male and female clerks are nice and have smiles on their faces. They will look for something with you when you can't find something too Happy to travel from Fairfield to their establishment, worth the trip.